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New Client / Patient Registration Form

The New Client / Patient Registration Form is for all new clients / patients to our facility. Please bring this with you on your first scheduled appointment.

Client Survey

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and your pet. To help us better meet your needs, please take a moment to complete this survey and return it to the receptionist, or you can send by mail or fax

Inpatient Exam Questionnaire

Please answer the questions below concerning any symptoms your pet is showing.

Dental Treatment Release

We strive to provide you with the advice that will allow you to make the best decision for your pet. Fill out this form to authorize the veterinarian and staff at Nolan River Animal Hospital to perform such dental procedures that have been recommended to you.

24 Pet Watch Microchip Registration

When you register your microchip with 24PetWatch, you get free access to theĀ online portalĀ and lost pet recovery services. That means when your pet goes missing, you can take immediate action and get our Lost Pet Recovery Team on the case, instead of just worrying or hoping for the best

Senior Patient Questionnaire

Many problems associated with older pets can be greatly improved upon or even completely eliminated with early detection and appropriate treatment. Nolan River Animal Hospital is committed to enhancing quality of life for our senior patients. We want to work with you and your pet to catch problems early and effectively treat them. Subtle changes can often be the first sign of significant disease. Please let us know about any symptoms described on this form.

Anesthetic Consent Form

Fill out this form to authorize the veterinarian and staff at Nolan River Animal Hospital to perform diagnostic, therapeutic, anesthetic, dental and/or surgical procedures that have been described to me. All pets admitted must be current on their vaccinations.

Internet Pharmacy Release

Use this form to let us know you have chosen to have a prescription filled by a pharmacy other than Nolan River Animal Hospital, and that you understand that you assume all risks for these prescriptions. In addition, you agree to not hold Nolan River Animal Hospital responsible for any adverse reactions to medication not dispensed as prescribed.

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