Vaccination and Wellness Care

Preventive Care For Your Pets

Nolan River Animal Hospital Provides Wellness ExamsAt Nolan River Animal Hospital, we stress the importance of an annual physical examination because it allows us to catch medical problems early. While some pet diseases cannot be cured, their early detection can allow better management leading to an improved quality of life. We strive to prevent illness whenever possible. The time and effort invested in early detection and wellness programs has rewards for both pets and owners.  We offer comprehensive pet vaccination and wellness care plans.

At your pet’s wellness exam, Dr. Brockett will address any questions or concerns you might have, perform a physical examination and evaluation, and administer appropriate vaccines. Suggested tests might include a blood panel, urinalysis, or fecal sample to spot any underlying signs of illness or disease. Our experienced team of veterinary technicians can also provide any counseling regarding nutrition, behavior problems, allergies, senior pet health, or any other special concerns you might have regarding your pet.

Dr. Brockett will also make sure your pet receives appropriate vaccinations and preventives.  We feel that proper preventatives (heart-worm, and flea medication) are also essential to your pets health. Our vaccination protocol follows the standards set by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). 

Individualized Health Care For Your Pet

Annual and semi-annual pet health plans are individualized for all of our patients, because not all pets have the same needs. At Nolan River Animal Hospital, our annual and semi-annual health plans are designed specifically for your pet based on age, breed, weight, lifestyle and travel habits, as well as genetic predisposition to disease. We may also recommend that your pet receive dental care. Screening for heart disease diabetes, high blood pressure and kidney disease are just a few items that are included in our pet examinations. 

We also recognize that all pets do not have the same medical needs, therefore we have designed our wellness care to meet your pet's specific life stage. Elderly pets or those suffering from certain chronic conditions may require more frequent visits. Our number one priority is to make sure your pet lives a long, healthy life. Older pets are prone to disease in virtually every part of their bodies as the result of age-related degenerative changes.

Most animals will instinctively hide any signs of weakness or illness. As pet owners and caretakers, we need to be proactive. Because you spend the most time with your pet, you are your pet’s voice, as well as his or her greatest advocate. Please let our veterinary staff know if you’ve noticed any physical or behavioral changes in your pet, as well as any other concerns you might have.  Since your pet can’t talk to us with words, our veterinarians need as much information as possible to help achieve a great outcome.

Your Pet Deserves Outstanding Veterinary Care

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