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    Nolan River Animal Hospital
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    Nolan River Animal Hospital
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Nolan River Animal Hospital provides outstanding Veterinary Care Nolan River Animal Hospital is a full-service hospital and wellness center for small animals including dogs, cats and pocket pets. We offer vaccination and preventative medical care, spays, and neuters. In addition, we offer pain management, diagnostic, soft tissue surgery, radiology and dental services. We are located in Cleburne, Texas on North Nolan River Road directly across from the high school.

Veterinary Services

Vaccination and Wellness Care

We stress the importance of an annual physical examination because it allows us to catch... Read More

Spays and Neuters

We offer spays and neuters for dogs and cats. We recommend pets be spayed or... Read More

Dental Care

Pets have teeth too! Therefore we provide dental services such as teeth cleaning, polishing, extractions... Read More

Pain Management

Pain is not an option at our hospital! Pets feel pain and discomfort under the... Read More

Permanent Identification

We offer microchipping as a form of permanent pet identification. This is a safe and... Read More


We offer daytime and overnight boarding for current patients. We have separate facilities for dogs... Read More

Medical Records App

Nolan River Animal Hospital uses the VitusVet App. The VitusVet App is a life and... Read More