Spays and Neuters

Health and Behavioral Benefits

UNFORTUNATELY, WE ARE NOT SCHEDULING ANY SPAYS AT THIS TIME.  At Nolan River Animal Hospital, we offer spays and neuters for dogs and cats. Spaying and neutering also have a number of health and behavioral benefits for your cat or dog. We recommend pets be spayed or neutered at approximately 6 months of age.  When your pets are old enough, schedule an appointment at Nolan River Animal Hospital in Cleburne to discuss having your pet spayed or neutered. If you have an older cat or dog who is not spayed / neutered, they can certainly still be spayed / neutered. We’ll discuss all of your options at your first wellness visit, and advise on the best time for this surgical procedure for your pet.

Spaying is the sterilization surgery that is performed on female pets. During the surgery, Dr. Brockett removes the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and uterus. This eliminates the pet's heat cycle and she won't be able to reproduce. Neutering is the sterilization surgery performed on male pets. During the procedure, Dr. Brockett removes the animal's testicles. Both procedures are performed under general anesthesia and both involve a surgical incision. All surgery patients receive appropriate pain medication both in hospital and upon discharge.

Spaying or neutering is one of the most important preventative health measures you can provide for your pet. This procedure helps pets lead longer, healthier lives. For female cats and dogs, the risk of ovarian, uterine cancer and of mammary tumors is significantly reduced with this procedure. Spaying also eliminates heat cycles and their associated problems for your pets and your home. Neutered male cats and dogs tend to be less aggressive. The likelihood of testicular and prostate cancer decreases. The urges to “mark” their territory may lessen. A neutered male is less in search of potential mates.

Nolan River Animal Hospital is a state-of-the-art veterinary facility that provides a safe environment for your pet's surgery. We use careful monitoring of vital signs, sterile protocols. Experienced Veterinary Technicians will carefully monitor and observe animals after surgery for a safe and uneventful recovery. Our protocols and careful recovery observation is designed to ensure a smooth surgery for every animal we see.

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